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Extreme Archery and Fishing - For all your Archery, Fishing, Home Brew, Animal food, rural prodcusts in Inverell, we suggest you take a look at Extreme Archery and Fishing, 319 Byron Street, Inverell Ph (02) 67 22 5929 (North of BP Service Station) email: extremearcheryfishing@gmail.com

Croc Lumley

Adventure is in our DNA. Our Producer; Croc, has a long family line of adventurers in Northern Australia and the near Pacific. Pearling, gold mining, copra trading & rubber planting are all a part of Croc's roots.

Croc Lumley Productions is an independent production entity. Our mission is to produce feel-good, true life action movies that lift the viewer's brow and lighten their spirit.
Broadcast feature documentaries are our first passion and mainstay, but we also produce remote area promotionals and TV commercials.
From conception to completed master and marketing, Croc Lumley Productions does the lot.


Safari Club Bar & Grill!

Where you can come in from the wilds and feast on award winning Steaks, Ribs and Seafood.
Famous for our giant portions, we guarantee that not even the most ravenous of hunters will leave us feeling hungry.
So get ready to take your taste buds on Safari!

Hunting in NSW

Information on hunting in State Forests and on Crown Lands.

Pest animals such as foxes and rabbits, and feral goats and pigs can have significant impacts on agricultural production, the environment and communities. Hunting is recognised as one of a number of tools used in the management of pests and also as a legitimate recreational pursuit.

The Game Licensing Unit manages hunter licensing, education, regulation and compliance, and the administration of hunting on public land in NSW.

Firearms Registry.

We now have an online service for applying for a Firearms Licence. Simply fill in the online form electronically and submit it by email. When you receive the pre-printed application forms in the mail, fill in the relevant sections and send them back with your supporting documents for processing. You can also phone the Firearms Registry Customer Service line on 1300 362 562 and get the pre-printed application forms in the mail. You then fill in the relevant sections and return to the Firearms Registry with supporting documents.

Firearm Permit to Acquire is also available online and Firearms Permits and other information about Firearm Safety. If you do not have a printer to print these

Cods Country is the affectionate name given to the small bush town of Ashford, located in the New England region of N.S.W Australia. Our freshwater rivers and creeks hold the legendary and iconic Australian Murray Cod, this large native fish is an aggressive territorial fish that holds tight under structure. Its diet can vary from freshwater Mussels, Yabbies, Fish, Birds and Water Rats. Large Cod often turn cannabalistic, eating fish of lesser size, infact fish hatcheries have to constantly grade Cod fingerlings to stop them devouring there smaller sibblings.

Most fisherman tend to chase Cod with hardbody and spinnerbait lures, but now there is a growing band of flyfisherman that target Natives on fly. The strike of a Murray Cod is as exhilarating as it gets, the first few seconds is mayhem as you try to bulldog them from under there snaggy dwellings. This is the time when knots fail, tippets bust and hooks straighten. Sunrise and sunset is the peak time to throw large noisy surface flies, this is as good as sportsfishing gets.